The Perfect Blend


Caffe is made with an exquisite blend of luxurious super-soft European prints and Colombian solid color elastic tricot fabrics that feel and fit like a second skin. Each suit incorporates techniques such as hand embroidery, delicate embellishments and unique custom made accessories, transforming the Caffe suits into a luxurious cutting-edge product. The end result in chic "head-turning" swimsuits handcrafted in Colombia, which are able to endure repeated exposure to sun, chlorine, and laundering without fading, pilling, or loosing their elasticity, lasting much longer. Caffe's constant pursuit to excellence is reflected in each of its creations.


Designs are passionate about enhancing women's beauty through stylish, sexy and undeniable chic style. All pieces are designed specifically with wear in mind using impeccable seamless stitching for a perfect fit. Caffe designs are distinguished by their perfect jet setting lifestyle look of "Laid Back Luxury", that makes them truly unique. Even the most cursory glance at Caffe reveals the ever evolving, sexy, edgy and luxurious nature of its collections.


Caffe pays great attention to the way each suit is cut to fit the body in the most flattering way. Its exquisite low-rise cuts have an impeccable seamless stitching resulting in a perfect flawless fit that won't dig up in to the hips. They not only look good on the rack but have this unique ability to look fabulous on anybody. Their double layer of elastic tricot fabrics makes them reversible and gives added support, providing a slimmer figure and unique comfort. The cuts are an in between from the tiny Brazilian and larger American cuts. Caffe swimsuits will show your best assets and mask the not so good. Once you experience the sensual cuts of this luxury ready to wear reversible bathing suits you will feel elegant, stylish, stunning and unique.