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The Story



Caffe a Colombian luxury woman's beachwear line born in 2004, has since developed into an international stylish brand present in high-end boutiques, department stores and 5 star hotels in more than 42 countries. Caffe Swimwear is best known for elevating beachwear to high fashion status with it’s sophisticated, sexy and undeniable stylish complete line of resort wear essentials for women who love to glam their beach wardrobe. The designer Paula Saavedra is passionate about enhancing women’s beauty using inspiration from her South American roots, blended with the current trends in fashion to make women look beautiful and feel comfortable in their own skin. She has mastered the art of tastefully combining exquisite charming prints and colors with jewelry-like 24k gold plated details and intricate craftsmanship in all her pieces of everything you could ever want or need beachside: hot silhouettes, cool fabrics innovative flattering shapes and must-have accessories. Each swim piece is designed using an exquisite combination of materials that are hand embellished; transforming the Caffe suits into a perfect low-key elegance and just the right kind of sexy with impeccable seamless stitching for an exceptional flattering fit. Caffe’s trademark style is its perfect jet setting lifestyle look of “Laid Back Luxury” that makes them truly unique. Even the most cursory glance at Caffe reveals the ever evolving, sexy, edgy and luxurious nature of the collections. The end result is chic “head-turning” pieces designed to meet the innovative designs, fit, quality and style demands of fashion-forward customers worldwide.

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